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I’ve always been an artist in some form or another. When I was growing up, my dad an engineer, would tell me about his business adventures, perhaps hoping I’d wish to become one, and I just wanted to know about the people, what they looked like, what they did, what became of them… I thought people were interesting and why I was drawn to them in the arts. When I was a painter, I found myself preferring to paint portraits to anything else. And when I did theater I loved studying the type of person I had to portray, expressions, gestures, presence. I think everything I did in the past helps me as a photographer, even the modeling I did when younger. I think all of this helps me find the beauty in everyone and show people how to pose.

After each season, I feel like I’ve met friends and try to stay in touch when I can! I’m interested in what my customers will do with their lives! 🙂 Many times I hire my senior customers as assistants and bloggers, it keeps things fun and fresh! Rep and fashion photoshoots are a blast, great for experimenting with new ideas off season.

I take inspiration from the person I’m photographing and the location. No two people are alike and I love that. I try to keep things different and unique and like to travel finding new spots for the photo-shoots. I like to be challenged and inspired artistically by what I see in that moment. I know it sounds cliche, but I’m really good at making people look good!

I think senior portraits are fun and sort of an adventure, there are so many possibilities. I go through the questionnaire, and call or email in order to create the session in my customer’s mind and add my ideas to it. I want to hear ideas and talk about clothes, look, vibe, location. I try to bring out the most variety I can within one session. People have so many layers to them. Fun, earthy, stylized, fashion, natural, edgy, it’s all good. I also feel honored to have been chosen to capture that moment in time; because that last year in school and in many cases at home is exciting, but also emotional. I want the senior to be able to look back on their photos and see different parts of who they were as a teenager and I want families to have wonderful keepsake.

I try to do a few family photoshoots in the late fall and after senior season, great lighting! Photoshoots can take place anywhere in Denver or surroundings and I can travel. I also have a small studio I use in winter, mainly for head-shots.

I took a test once and came out in the 1%, fifty percent extrovert, fifty percent introvert; I guess that’s not common. But I think it’s a huge advantage. I’m good at putting people at ease quickly. But I’m actually an observer. And I’m paying attention to who they are and what makes them unique. Or maybe it’s the combo of being both American and South American! Thanks so much! – Magdalena

Current assistants: Richelle Deyoung: Is a Digital Design student at the University of Colorado Denver. Art is her passion along with learning techniques to better her skills in any medium she comes across. She specifically enjoys graphic design, motion graphics, photography, painting, drawing, and nail art, however, she is open to trying new things. While in school she is working part-time at local stores and with Magdalena Images as her assistant. She has learned a lot about lighting, camera settings and model poses while working on photoshoots with her and is sure the skills developed will apply to any future jobs she comes across. Thanks! Richelle.

Backup assistant: Delany Roach

Blogger and social media: Emily Rich