Last 2 marketing photoshoots. May 16 or weekend of 20th & June 7

Last 2 marketing photoshoot before busy summer season!
Depending on weather:
May 17. 5:30-7:30pm Boho-chic vibe, sunset, golden lighting. Might move to weekend/week of 20th due to weather.
June 7. Pretty dresses, wildflowers or tall grass.
Shoots will be in Morrison and near Boulder.
If a minor, parent has to sign minor release.
Photos will appear in Denverstylemagazine blog and in Magdalena Images social media
Have some modeling experience or feel comfortable in front of camera and take
direction well. Cooperate with $20 to help pay assistant and basic photographers expenses.
Very active in social media and willing to post photos on instagram, and if on:
facebook, snapchat and/or twitter, plus tag Magdalena Images
Have a availability around 5:30-7:30pm.
Students, please fill out Model Program application at If already have, please email.
If a professional model, please email: [email protected]
Please specify what days you are available and conflicts of schedule,
include agency name and phone #.
Boutiques, must be willing to bring clothes to photoshoot
3 free edited digital images and 20% off any additional images.
Have a group of girls from past applications, so only a few
spots available, if you aren’t included and book Magdalena Images
for senior photos, get 10% off deposit by applying.

Instagram posts, some of my fave instagram posts and testimonials and comments!

From instagram: 2017 seniors and 2016, 2017 photoshoots

Jaden M: Aww this made me smile so big!! Absolutely loved taking pictures with you, Thank you for everything, you’re amazing Magdalena, Happy new year β™₯!
Emily R: Thank you very much Magdalena, what a sweet post!
Courtney M: Of course!!! Love and miss working with you!!
Lindsay B: Aww thank you! Loved this shoot! πŸ’•
Nick H: This was such a blast! Thank you so much Magdalena
Gigi B: Thank you so much! I had such a blast!! πŸ’“ you’re so talented! Hope to get to work with you again soon!! 😍
Delany R: i have loved working with you, thank you magdalena β™₯ i also love my pictures!!!
Elena D: It was so wonderful to work with you! Thank you for making this shoot so much fun! I truly appreciate it and hope everything in your life is going well!
Mackenna L: Thank you! β™₯ I was so happy with my photos, you are amazing!
Jana M: Aww thank you so much Magdalena! β™₯
Avery H: Thank you Magdalena! 😍
Brynna P: I had so much fun!! It was so nice to get to know you!!!
Brittin L: Thank you magdalena images, it was lovely working with you!
Kendall M: oh my gosh! so much fun! you’re amazing!
Abby W: Thank you for everything!! β™₯
Maddie B: Thank you so much for everything! β™₯
Blayke B: Thank you!!!!
Lauren R: Thank you!!
Brittin L: Thank you magdalena images, it was lovely working with you!
Maddie B: Thank you so much for everything! β™₯
Blayke B: Thank you!!!!
Lauren R: Thank you!!
Emily O: Thank you! β™₯
Monique : πŸ’“ β™₯ β™₯
Nicki P: Thank you β™₯
Ieva M: Thank you! ☺
Bella DS: Thank you!πŸ˜ƒ πŸ’•
Taylor D: Thank you 😁
Ellen P: Thank you so much for the amazing pics! ☺

Β  Β  Β 

Magdalena Images, Nxt models and Paul Mitchell

Diana S came to the Winterwonderland photoshoot and we got some amazing photos for her portfolio! The black lace poncho was mine and the leather jacket was a junior from Golden, but we mixed and matched, had a great time and came up with some great images!

Magdalena Images Paul Mitchell Winterwonderland photoshoot

We might use a few of these in the Paul Mitchell Magdalena Images calendar that will be sold for charity. Awesome styling, makeup and fun!

Magdalena Images Berkley/Crown Hill winter photoshoot

This was so much fun!!! We goofed around Berkley area first, tried on tons of hats and jackets for some fun photos. Then went to Crown Hill for some sunset, somewhat cold sunset photos. Great group of friends, plus a model from Nxt! A few were just there helping their friends so snapped a couple of cute photos. Thank you to all that came to this!

Magdalena Images Senior model and modeling portfolios

Fill out application located at top of menu and apply to be a 2018 Magdalena Senior model! Also if interested in expanding your modeling portfolio. Appreciate anyone who applies! Can only take a few girls from each school and spaces are limited, so apologize if can’t take all! But get 15% off the deposit just by applying. No selling or obligations other than sharing free images with logo. You will get 2 high resolution images for free too! Thank you!

Magdalena Images models

2018 Model program photoshoot

Lakewood 2018 senior. Part of the Bear Creek photoshoot! One of the dresses is mine, love, yellow lace. Other clothes were hers, the red boho chic top was beautiful! We got beautiful photos and I got to meet her and her mom! πŸ™‚


Brittin L Nxt Models

Model portfolios! The lighting was spectacular. Model portfolios plus brought along a junior Rep from Lakewood HS, was a blast! See more of my work at

Rep program – Santa Fe Art District

We took tons of clothes and played around to get urban/edgy photos. These are Nicki’s photos, will upload other 3 girls soon, including 2 juniors that are part of my current Rep photoshoots!

Ieva M from Nxt models

Working on model’s portfolios after senior season has been super fun! Coming up with fun clothes, poses and lighting ideas! πŸ™‚ See my photos at

Ashton G Nxt models

Model portfolios! This girl actually got in a the freezing Bear Creek river!! Super tough, but photos are worth it! See more of my work at

Open call for model portfolios

For anyone who is working on their modeling portfolio, please contact Magdalena Images. Will be doing outdoor fall photoshoot soon!

Open Call: Morrison Photoshoot, Fall of 2016

I’d like to do a fall photoshoot before the leaves fall in Morrison! Vibrant colors, beautiful nature setting, backlighting, boho-chic, maybe ethereal vintage dresses too! Might ask Class of 2018 or professional models (or both). Contact Magdalena Images if you’re interested!

Beautiful outdoor photoshoot

It started with hail and rain, yikes and the sun came out and and we got this gorgeous photoshoot :).

Gorgeous photoshoot in the lake

Everything about this photoshoot was beautiful!

Summer photoshoot and great lighting!

Fun hair and makeup photoshoot

This photoshoot was so fun! Some original hair and makeup by Paul Mitchell stylists and senior girls that came along!

Golden light at last!

This senior was a joy to work with and actually worked as my assistant on a bunch of photoshoots! πŸ™‚

Lake, golden colors and flowers

Nature photos and beautiful senior at their best! Will upload more soon.


Beautiful colors and flowers, posing, everything! Will upload more soon